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Dr. Hurst offers transparent pricing and a range of treatment options, so you can make an informed choice that fits in your budget (and your ears).

Kitchen Couple


Comprehensive hearing evaluation




Speech in Noise Testing


Cerumen removal/ear cleaning

$33 per ear

Electroacoustic Real Ear Measurement


Electroacoustic Hearing Aid Verification Measurement


Telehealth visit per 15 minutes


Hearing Aid Adjustment per 15 minutes


Hearing Aid Repair in house
Minimum of $33 (varies)
Hearing aid check and cleaning
$25 per aid
Tinnitus Assessment


Home Visit Fee within Pagosa Springs


Home Visit Fee outside of Pagosa Springs varies by time and mileage
More services and products available. For more information call 970-444-2314.

Hearing Aids





Over-the-counter (OTC)

from $999

Prices include a three-year warranty and all hearing aid services for three years. Prices vary based on product, type of aid, and features.

Financing available.


Hearing aid prices are per pair and include all clinic fitting and dispensing fees. 

All major manufacturers available, including Oticon, Phonak, Signia, Unitron, Resound, Widex, and Starkey.

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