Dr. Hurst offers pediatric and adult audiological evaluations and treatment, including hearing aids. In-home, telecare, and in-office appointments are available. She also offers hearing aid adjustments and repairs. Dr. Hurst works with all major hearing aid manufacturers.

Ear Exams

no more Q-tips, ok?

Here’s a pro-tip: if it feels like there’s something in your ear canal or you’re not hearing like you used to, get that checked long before you start rooting around in there.

Tinnitus Treatment

the sound of silence

If you’re hearing ringing or any other persistent sound, there are many causes and potential remedies. A hearing and tinnitus evaluation is the right next step.

HEaring Aids

any color, including invisible

Hearing aids are pretty cool these days. The technology will impress you and the design options are great. But the way they sound—amazing.

Get Started

A quick, free hearing screening